Tuesday, February 3, 2009

it's been brought to my attention that a certain someone has written the most fucked up hypocritical rant in history about a very good friend of mine. watch closely as i point out the fallacy in it, one part at a time.

My reputation's mostly been ruined by ex-girlfriends and judgemental assholes that have nothing better to do than gossip about people they barely know.

for the record, i've really never heard her gossip about anyone. i don't even think i've heard her say a negative thing about someone unless she was agreeing with something -I- said. and as for your reputation? there's no one to blame but yourself. maybe try taking responsibility for your actions once in a while instead of blaming "ex-girlfriends" who all just HAPPEN to have exactly the same opinion of you. what a strange, strange coincidence.

I'm referring to someone in particular, and if I talk to you a lot, you may know who I mean. If it's you and you've realized it, I fucking hate you, you disgusting vain pig. I hope you die from malnutrition from your fucking vegetarian bullshit and cannibals eat the meat off your carcass.

ooh. anti-vegetarian insults. classy, and always original. ;]

You're a self-centered bitch who just gossips about other people because you've got no real friends to actually talk to.

Actually, she does have friends. I happen to be one of them. & as for "self-centered"? not even a phrase you should ever use in the same sentence when mentioning her, especially if you're someone who openly accepts that they're conceited themself.

You run around backstabbing people left and right, and you've honestly got to go, because you've befriended one of my closest friends and I know you'll just backstab her too eventually.

you're really one to talk about backstabbing. remind me, who was it that i foolishly trusted with a few of my personal thoughts, just to have them turn around literally the next day and tell everyone they talked to? and for the record, i'm not one of your closest friends. i don't even know where you got THAT idea. you seem to have this impression that i trust you at all. well just to clear things up: you doing me a favor doesn't even slightly restore my trust in you, and neither does making a weak attempt at hurting someone that i care about. you're trash, as far as i'm concerned. don't even fucking try to say i'm your friend.

You bitch about your life, how it's so horrible, when your parents make great money. You cry about getting fucking 89%'s on tests.

First of all, you know fucking nothing about her life. most obvious giveaway: "parents" should not be plural. try getting to know someone before you make insensitive judgements about them.

You blog about how much drama you have with guys when I'm certain there isn't a guy in the world that would even give you a second glance.

all i can refute this with is that she is gorgeous in both her appearance and her personality. she probably doesn't even realize it herself, but she happens to get a LOT of attention from the opposite gender...unlike someone that i know.

You change your haircolor every god damn month, and it just gets uglier every time.

haha. once again with the lame superficial insults. you obviously put a lot of work into this one! ;D

You always manage to be there when I hang with my friends, and someday, I'll rip you out in front of everyone, and it'll be the greatest moment of my life up to that point. You are the one person I can say I really truly hate, and even knowing that you're still alive and breathing disgusts me. Go fuck yourself, since no guy will ever fuck you.

hahaha how did you come up with the phrase "rip you out"? just reading this, i'm imagining your pathetic little WoW playing ass still daydreaming about the moment you "ripped her out" in your mom's basement in 20 years. also, "no guy will ever fuck" her? i'm not about to state the obvious argument here...instead, i'd just like to point out how fucking shallow this statement is. you value people not based on real factors, but rather, on how many people they've fucked.

I just realized the hair color thing might've given it away. Oh well, I don't think I'd give a damn if she read it, since she wouldn't actually do anything. I probably understated how much I hate her though. Bleh. I am raging horribly right now. But at least I finally got that out of my system.

oh yeah. you really don't care about whether or not she reads this. that's why you said this to me shortly after she did.
BrandonSkanks: what do you do when you write a blog saying how much you hate someone, forget to make it invisible
BrandonSkanks: and they read it?

oh, and just an extra little note, if i hear that you've been talking about someone i care about, i will not hesitate to bring your social life as you know it to a screeching halt (but really, that's not saying a lot). just so you know, NO ONE REALLY EVEN FUCKING LIKES YOU. the only reason anyone tolerates you is because we've all accepted that you won't fucking go away!

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