Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day. bored.

second snow day in a row. i am so bored.
this song has been stuck in my head since monday.

Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm probably going to end up writing in this the same way that i used to write in my xanga. it's the end of the's what i did.

friday: made up exams, did nothing at home. lame.
saturday: hung out with amanda & went to the mall. i got like 5 pairs of reeeeally cute panties from wet seal and something magical happened. i don't feel fat anymore! i spent like 20 minutes listening to amanda complain about how fat she is (and for the record, she's a skinny son of a bitch), and realized that this whole issue is really ridiculous. even if i lose weight, i'm still not going to be happy with something about myself. it's pointless to try to fix your imperfections, cause there's always going to be more. it's more effective to try to fix your insecurities. anyway more about the events of friday...amanda decided we were going exploring without much prior notice, so richards picked us up from the mall & we picked up rosslynne & george (who i had not seen or spoken to since i was 12. pretty weird when i realized i knew him). we were going to this abandoned hospital in sykesville, but we ended up walking up this long long long road and turning around cause it was cold. it was still pretty fun thoughh. a few memorable quotes...
"tupac already caught a bear. if you catch a bear now everyone will just think you're trying to be like tupac."
"this conversation started out about pussy and somehow turned into cabbage."
anyway it was fuckin shweet since i hadn't hung out with rosslynne since like 7th grade & i got to meet george for a second time. he's fucking hilarious.
sunday: everyone wanted to hang out but no one was actually free. i slept. it was...uneventful.
monday: went to the mall with katy & amber. we stopped by the bank first to use the coinstar & got lollipops too haha. the chick at hot topic was really obviously flirting with me. i enjoyed the attention. everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. we went to spencers and i loudly announced that we were going to look at the vibrators and the guy working there was all "you cant do that unless you're 18. too many kids tried to steal them." so i was all "haha how lame is it when you have to steal a vibrator." so he said something like "well, you guys are being nice, i'll let you go ahead." so basically showed us all the vibrators. memorable quotes:
"i don't see any vibrators." (spencers guy points out about 2347459 vibrators right in front of me) "i don't either. i don't see any." we also slingshotted thongs at each other in charlotte russe haha. so. somewhere along the way i saw the guy that i'm pretty sure is stalking me cause he works fucking EVERYWHERE I GO. then we saw kelvin, who doesn't work anywhere but just happens to show up everywhere i go. he was significantly less awkward than the last time we saw him. i was about to show him the really cute purple jeans i'd just got at wet seal, and some pink lace panties that amber got fell out of the bag and onto the floor in the process haha. i don't get why she was so embarassed. it was just hilarious. by the way, starbucks has AMAZING cupcakes. katy and i shared one and it was pretty much orgasmic. no other word can do it justice. so basically it was the most fun i've had at the mall in forever.
that was my weekend.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

i'm pro-choice. yep.

before reading this: just realize that this is a debate between a good friend of mine and myself, and i'm not telling anyone that their beliefs are wrong, i'm simply challenging them. if having your views questioned is something you can't deal with, maybe you should rethink them.

booBooK1ttyfxck: why is your mom pissed?
sasafrasket: cause the whole freedom of chocie act
sasafrasket: both her and my dada are really worred about that
booBooK1ttyfxck: ..whyy..? its been the same for the past 40 years
sasafrasket: no
sasafrasket: there making it illeag for states to make up laws against abortion
sasafrasket: there changeing it real soon
booBooK1ttyfxck: oh.
sasafrasket: yeah
booBooK1ttyfxck: wellll it is kind of a national issue...not a state thing..
sasafrasket: i don't now all the deatils about but
sasafrasket: i think one o the things is you don't have to be a doctor or physition
sasafrasket: to give an abortion
booBooK1ttyfxck: oh wow thats retarded
sasafrasket: i know
sasafrasket: and alot of pharmisist have lost there jobs cause they refuse to sell the morning after pill
sasafrasket: so it's those kinds of things there really worried about
booBooK1ttyfxck: ehh the first one you mentioned i think is messed up
booBooK1ttyfxck: but i dont get whats so wrong with firing people at pharmacies that arent doing their job. that would be like if i worked at safeway and refused to sell people meat
sasafrasket: well if it's there i religon agiansted to use the morning after pill then
sasafrasket: then these people are getting feird becuase of there religon
sasafrasket: and there belfies
booBooK1ttyfxck: ...uhm. kind of. but why would someone get a job at a place that sells products that they think are wrong in the first place?
sasafrasket: i guess thats ture
sasafrasket: i still thing it's best if it remians a state deiced thing
booBooK1ttyfxck: but then like...lets say alabama makes abortions totally illegal
booBooK1ttyfxck: and a girl gets pregnant for whatever reason and has to get an abortion
booBooK1ttyfxck: but she has no way to get out of the state
sasafrasket: but if you make it leagel on a national level with no restrietions
booBooK1ttyfxck: eh well see im not totally pro-choice. i think partial birth abortions are cruel and fucked up. so i dont think there shouldnt be restrictions
booBooK1ttyfxck: i just think it's a national issue so it should be a national law
sasafrasket: it's to easy for people just sleep around and get prengranted all the time cause they can just get an abrotion
sasafrasket: if it stays a state issues
sasafrasket: it's alot easyer for states to deciced if in a case an abrotion is nessecery or not
booBooK1ttyfxck: truue.
sasafrasket: you know wait i mean
booBooK1ttyfxck: but look at it this way
booBooK1ttyfxck: laws are based on the constitution
booBooK1ttyfxck: and the 9th amendment states that people have the right to privacy and can do what they want to their bodies
booBooK1ttyfxck: roe v. wade...court case that reinforces the 9th amendment
booBooK1ttyfxck: and some states want to just say "hey fuck the constitution."
booBooK1ttyfxck: that's not due process.
booBooK1ttyfxck: that's just a bunch of people disagreeing with a law and deciding to enforce something unconstitutional on people
booBooK1ttyfxck: i get that people think abortion is wrong and they want people to not get them and to have sex more responsibly...but i dont think making laws is the way to do that
booBooK1ttyfxck: you can only change the world by changing people's minds. rant completed.
sasafrasket: yeah thats ture
sasafrasket: anyways i have to go soon
sasafrasket: i cant argue anymore
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha awwhh. i was enjoying this.
sasafrasket: wat time were you going to hang out with ambar tomarrow?
sasafrasket: ahahaha
sasafrasket: i can't argue with you over line
sasafrasket: my spellings no good
sasafrasket: i sound stupid

also, i would like to say that in a perfect world, abortion wouldn't be necessary, but we don't live in a perfect world. not even close. no one LIKES the idea of killing unborn children, i sure as hell don't, but i do believe that it should be a right to decide whether or not to get an abortion. though i think keeping a child is the more responsible thing to do, not everyone agrees with me. there are two sides to every issue, and just because everyone is pushed to one side doesn't mean they're all together in their views. i DO think abortion is wrong. i think christianity is fucked up too, but you don't see me picketing outside a church. if you don't like christianity, don't go to church. if you don't like homosexuality, don't marry someone of the same gender. and if you think abortions are wrong, don't get one.

and most importantly, don't enforce a law that's clearly unconstitutional onto people that clearly don't agree with it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i just had a very long conversation with a good friend and i think...i've realized something.
the kind of guy i'm looking for...
-someone that i can be myself around.
-someone that will take care of me.
-someone that i can talk to for hours and not get bored with.
-someone that isn't afraid to get a little emotional...but isn't such a pussy that i have to be the strong one in the relationship (cause let's face it, that's just not me).

this may or may not be a description of my current interest. i'm honestly not even sure yet.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

how i define my life.

samgrysavage: well and this might sound stupid to you
booBooK1ttyfxck: im not judgemental haha. tell me.
samgrysavage: hahaha
samgrysavage: ok
samgrysavage: well i always say that everyone has a price
samgrysavage: do you know what i mean?
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: ...not really...explain
samgrysavage: well for example
samgrysavage: a price that you would sell someone out for
samgrysavage: like people have asked me if i would kill my who;e family for a trillion $
samgrysavage: and youre one of the people that i would never have a price for
booBooK1ttyfxck: awhh :]
booBooK1ttyfxck: why is that? haha
samgrysavage: because i like you alot
booBooK1ttyfxck: why me?
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: why not someone else?
samgrysavage: i said one of the people
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha
samgrysavage: ha
booBooK1ttyfxck: i knowww
booBooK1ttyfxck: im just wondering whyy.
samgrysavage: do you mean why do i like you
booBooK1ttyfxck: what makes me so worthy of that? haha
samgrysavage: ?
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: idk i mean i can obviously see that you have flaws and everything just like everyone else but i just like being around you
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha :]
booBooK1ttyfxck: that's sweet...i think.
samgrysavage: :]
samgrysavage: ? you think
booBooK1ttyfxck: i do.
samgrysavage: oh
booBooK1ttyfxck: i don't know if i'd kill anyone for a trillion dollars haha
booBooK1ttyfxck: but then again, i've never cared for money too much.
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: really?
samgrysavage: now that i think about it i dont either
booBooK1ttyfxck: i think the only things i want in life are...
booBooK1ttyfxck: i want to be a successful musician
samgrysavage: amen
booBooK1ttyfxck: and live up to my own standards
booBooK1ttyfxck: and have a good influence on people.
samgrysavage: uh oh
samgrysavage: haha jk
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha
booBooK1ttyfxck: nuu i mean i want to encourage people to think for themselves
booBooK1ttyfxck: and all that cutesy shyt
booBooK1ttyfxck: but i wouldn't kill anyone to do that, even.
booBooK1ttyfxck: that would be fucked up :/
samgrysavage: hmm
booBooK1ttyfxck: that would just contradict itself
samgrysavage: fucked up indeed
booBooK1ttyfxck: cause i feel like my goal in life is to help people...
samgrysavage: have you started helping people yet
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha if i explain this you're going to think it's really dumb but whateverrr
samgrysavage: no
samgrysavage: you always say that but you know i wont
booBooK1ttyfxck: i've been trying to help animals by going veg and all that. and just doing really tiny things in my own life like that...but i always feel like i'm not doing enough.
booBooK1ttyfxck: like i name means "protector of mankind" and i feel like i have to live up to that name.
samgrysavage: well have you started helping people yet
booBooK1ttyfxck: i try.
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: how?
booBooK1ttyfxck: but i think the only way i can help people is by making them think about how they treat themselves or others or the world in general.
booBooK1ttyfxck: and i just don't have that much influence.
samgrysavage: ha
booBooK1ttyfxck: ha?
samgrysavage: yeah you do
booBooK1ttyfxck: well like...
booBooK1ttyfxck: this is going to sound dorky but..
booBooK1ttyfxck: like i'm really inspired by my favorite musicians, cause they've influenced me so much, and they must have changed so many minds
booBooK1ttyfxck: and i want to do that too. i feel like i HAVE to do that.
samgrysavage: hmm
booBooK1ttyfxck: it's like my responsibility
booBooK1ttyfxck: and like i wasn't just given my talents for no reason at all.
booBooK1ttyfxck: i might as well use them
samgrysavage: well a name is just a name , but you should do what you think you were meant to do
booBooK1ttyfxck: it's kind of sad though...
samgrysavage: why?
booBooK1ttyfxck: cause really i'm just another teenager that wishes they were a rockstar
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: thats not sad
booBooK1ttyfxck: and it's like part of me knows i'm going to be successful
booBooK1ttyfxck: but another part is just like "you're not good enough."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i didnt like this blog so i deleted it.