Monday, January 26, 2009


i'm probably going to end up writing in this the same way that i used to write in my xanga. it's the end of the's what i did.

friday: made up exams, did nothing at home. lame.
saturday: hung out with amanda & went to the mall. i got like 5 pairs of reeeeally cute panties from wet seal and something magical happened. i don't feel fat anymore! i spent like 20 minutes listening to amanda complain about how fat she is (and for the record, she's a skinny son of a bitch), and realized that this whole issue is really ridiculous. even if i lose weight, i'm still not going to be happy with something about myself. it's pointless to try to fix your imperfections, cause there's always going to be more. it's more effective to try to fix your insecurities. anyway more about the events of friday...amanda decided we were going exploring without much prior notice, so richards picked us up from the mall & we picked up rosslynne & george (who i had not seen or spoken to since i was 12. pretty weird when i realized i knew him). we were going to this abandoned hospital in sykesville, but we ended up walking up this long long long road and turning around cause it was cold. it was still pretty fun thoughh. a few memorable quotes...
"tupac already caught a bear. if you catch a bear now everyone will just think you're trying to be like tupac."
"this conversation started out about pussy and somehow turned into cabbage."
anyway it was fuckin shweet since i hadn't hung out with rosslynne since like 7th grade & i got to meet george for a second time. he's fucking hilarious.
sunday: everyone wanted to hang out but no one was actually free. i slept. it was...uneventful.
monday: went to the mall with katy & amber. we stopped by the bank first to use the coinstar & got lollipops too haha. the chick at hot topic was really obviously flirting with me. i enjoyed the attention. everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. we went to spencers and i loudly announced that we were going to look at the vibrators and the guy working there was all "you cant do that unless you're 18. too many kids tried to steal them." so i was all "haha how lame is it when you have to steal a vibrator." so he said something like "well, you guys are being nice, i'll let you go ahead." so basically showed us all the vibrators. memorable quotes:
"i don't see any vibrators." (spencers guy points out about 2347459 vibrators right in front of me) "i don't either. i don't see any." we also slingshotted thongs at each other in charlotte russe haha. so. somewhere along the way i saw the guy that i'm pretty sure is stalking me cause he works fucking EVERYWHERE I GO. then we saw kelvin, who doesn't work anywhere but just happens to show up everywhere i go. he was significantly less awkward than the last time we saw him. i was about to show him the really cute purple jeans i'd just got at wet seal, and some pink lace panties that amber got fell out of the bag and onto the floor in the process haha. i don't get why she was so embarassed. it was just hilarious. by the way, starbucks has AMAZING cupcakes. katy and i shared one and it was pretty much orgasmic. no other word can do it justice. so basically it was the most fun i've had at the mall in forever.
that was my weekend.

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