Thursday, January 22, 2009

how i define my life.

samgrysavage: well and this might sound stupid to you
booBooK1ttyfxck: im not judgemental haha. tell me.
samgrysavage: hahaha
samgrysavage: ok
samgrysavage: well i always say that everyone has a price
samgrysavage: do you know what i mean?
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: ...not really...explain
samgrysavage: well for example
samgrysavage: a price that you would sell someone out for
samgrysavage: like people have asked me if i would kill my who;e family for a trillion $
samgrysavage: and youre one of the people that i would never have a price for
booBooK1ttyfxck: awhh :]
booBooK1ttyfxck: why is that? haha
samgrysavage: because i like you alot
booBooK1ttyfxck: why me?
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: why not someone else?
samgrysavage: i said one of the people
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha
samgrysavage: ha
booBooK1ttyfxck: i knowww
booBooK1ttyfxck: im just wondering whyy.
samgrysavage: do you mean why do i like you
booBooK1ttyfxck: what makes me so worthy of that? haha
samgrysavage: ?
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: idk i mean i can obviously see that you have flaws and everything just like everyone else but i just like being around you
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha :]
booBooK1ttyfxck: that's sweet...i think.
samgrysavage: :]
samgrysavage: ? you think
booBooK1ttyfxck: i do.
samgrysavage: oh
booBooK1ttyfxck: i don't know if i'd kill anyone for a trillion dollars haha
booBooK1ttyfxck: but then again, i've never cared for money too much.
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: really?
samgrysavage: now that i think about it i dont either
booBooK1ttyfxck: i think the only things i want in life are...
booBooK1ttyfxck: i want to be a successful musician
samgrysavage: amen
booBooK1ttyfxck: and live up to my own standards
booBooK1ttyfxck: and have a good influence on people.
samgrysavage: uh oh
samgrysavage: haha jk
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha
booBooK1ttyfxck: nuu i mean i want to encourage people to think for themselves
booBooK1ttyfxck: and all that cutesy shyt
booBooK1ttyfxck: but i wouldn't kill anyone to do that, even.
booBooK1ttyfxck: that would be fucked up :/
samgrysavage: hmm
booBooK1ttyfxck: that would just contradict itself
samgrysavage: fucked up indeed
booBooK1ttyfxck: cause i feel like my goal in life is to help people...
samgrysavage: have you started helping people yet
samgrysavage: ?
booBooK1ttyfxck: haha if i explain this you're going to think it's really dumb but whateverrr
samgrysavage: no
samgrysavage: you always say that but you know i wont
booBooK1ttyfxck: i've been trying to help animals by going veg and all that. and just doing really tiny things in my own life like that...but i always feel like i'm not doing enough.
booBooK1ttyfxck: like i name means "protector of mankind" and i feel like i have to live up to that name.
samgrysavage: well have you started helping people yet
booBooK1ttyfxck: i try.
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: how?
booBooK1ttyfxck: but i think the only way i can help people is by making them think about how they treat themselves or others or the world in general.
booBooK1ttyfxck: and i just don't have that much influence.
samgrysavage: ha
booBooK1ttyfxck: ha?
samgrysavage: yeah you do
booBooK1ttyfxck: well like...
booBooK1ttyfxck: this is going to sound dorky but..
booBooK1ttyfxck: like i'm really inspired by my favorite musicians, cause they've influenced me so much, and they must have changed so many minds
booBooK1ttyfxck: and i want to do that too. i feel like i HAVE to do that.
samgrysavage: hmm
booBooK1ttyfxck: it's like my responsibility
booBooK1ttyfxck: and like i wasn't just given my talents for no reason at all.
booBooK1ttyfxck: i might as well use them
samgrysavage: well a name is just a name , but you should do what you think you were meant to do
booBooK1ttyfxck: it's kind of sad though...
samgrysavage: why?
booBooK1ttyfxck: cause really i'm just another teenager that wishes they were a rockstar
samgrysavage: haha
samgrysavage: thats not sad
booBooK1ttyfxck: and it's like part of me knows i'm going to be successful
booBooK1ttyfxck: but another part is just like "you're not good enough."

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