Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it's times like these...

i wish i had a boyfriend or at least a very nice friend to make me campbell's tomato soup and watch crappy movies with me. i'm sick as fuck, and i'm not allowed to stay home. not that i'd even want to. every time i stay home, i miss school. is that weird?

so virgin fest was indescribable. i was pretty much at the very front for almost the entire thing. security guards at merriwether are SO NICE. what the hell. i almost fainted during the bravery because of a combination of dehydration, hunger, and being suffocated by every person pushing behind me (which was basically everyone in the pit area)...and a security guard gave me water. i love that man. where are all the people like THAT in the world when i'm sick and need tomato soup. anyway weezer was so amazing. i did not expect them to be so good. blink 182 was good too. but i have to say, weezer was the best. :] i'd been waiting to see both of them pretty much since i was 10.

school. i really dig school this year, even though i'm in 2 APs (english 11 & psychology). i do not, however, enjoy going to school while sick. which is why i might stay home tomorrow. haven't decided yet. depends how crappy i feel.

this might be the longest post i've ever written. huh.

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