Saturday, June 13, 2009

well. im getting fat. joe and scott kidnapped me yesterday, and i left a cake at joe's house. there were some annoying chicks. we kidnapped mark and got taco bell. i was avril lavigne for a while. then we burned stuff at my house and im going to have to explain to mr. gannon that i accidentally burned that summer packet.

there's this guy and i just think he's really nice and funny and smart and janks. and i wish he knew that if he doesn't like me, he could totally just say so and i wouldn't be upset. and i really just think he's really easy to talk to and i'd be perfectly happy if we never ever dated and just stayed friends.


  1. Hey there, cheer up alright :) and do check out Avril Lavigne Bandaids, cheers!~

  2. if he didn't like you would he really go to your house and kidnap you?